Brian Gilwee

Brian Gilwee


Know this, in 1973 a young couple made a commitment to each other to embrace and pursue art during their lifetime together. The images that appear on these pages are descendants of that commitment. The support and encouragement I’ve lost with the death of my wife demand of me never to give up. I suspect an early involvement with death impressed upon my psyche a need to stop time and capture that which I will lose. It’s taking action to do something other than just witness this unfolding train wreck. It’s the ability to hold in my hand, something I know I saw, I have proof the images on my brain actually existed. Those that once stood beside me are not dreams. I have proof.

All other justification or inner enlightenment you expect from me for my art is meaningless.

The struggle continues.


I met Brian at San Diego State University in…wait for it…Photography classes! And we’ve been friends ever since. Although we have different styles and motivations, the one thing I’ve noticed about Brian’s photography is the amount of design he has in his images. Recently, we went on a photo “hunt” and Brian would just stop and see “the shot”, frame it all up and say, “this is where we shoot from.”

It’s really fascinating to see his use of shapes, whether people, objects or shadows, in his photos.

Enjoy! James Woodward